January 18, 2021

We want to share with you our passion of incorporating acoustic solution into spaces and creating spectacular acoustic solutions alongside our valued clients Australia-wide.
We can all agree comfortability is a must when it comes to commercial and hospitality design. We provide cost-effective sound and design solutions to interior designers, contractors and creative individuals daily.

Acoustic absorption meets dynamic 3D design with our Zintra Etch in AJ Angle featured in Birdblack Design recent project. Birdblack Design created an intimate mood throughout the dining spaces of newly design Harbour Front Seafood Restaurant in Wollongong a coastal city in Australia. Our Acoustic solutions created a calming and comfortable environment throughout the new space accompanied by brass highlights between the acoustic panelling adding opulence and charm, worthy of a multi award-winning restaurant.

” No one likes a restaurant that echoes hollow noises, or a dining experience that leaves you with a pounding headache. The acoustic panelling provides a softness that you will appreciate! Brass highlights between the panelling add opulence and charm, worthy of a multi award-winning restaurant.” – Birdblack design

Zintra Etch is one of our dynamic 3D Acoustic solution ranges that offer subtle textures. Using a shallow v-groove cut, each etch pattern delivers a distinctive look to walls or ceilings! Zintra Etch will help you deliver a cutting-edge but welcoming atmosphere to your next commercial or hospitality project. Zintra Etch is also easily able to be tied back to plain Zintra sheets. Zintra is available in abroad range of neutral and bright colours. Rest assured our acoustic solutions will meet both you and your customer’s high visual and auditory expectations .

Browse our range of Acoustic Solutions today or call us to discuss your project’s specific needs today.