Zintra wins best 40+ sqm booth at Neocon!

January 3, 2021

We are thrilled to share some images of our stand at the recent Neocon trade show in Chicago where Baresque took out the award for best 40+ sqm booth design!

Designed in house,  our aim was to visually separate the stand from the exhausting homogenized product displayed under bright lights and show the material in a conceptual way.

With all the lights in our space and surrounding hallways turned off and deep house music playing, the Zintra “cave” presented in stark contrast to the entire building generating a huge amount of interest and curiosity. It was truly a relief to the senses from the monotony that is an expo.

Some visitors referred to the shapes as “gems”, “rocks”, “jewels” and even “meteors” but the common thread to the whole experience was that everyone had a different idea on what they were looking at. Some thought it was an outer space experience, others thought it was a jewel garden. The most rewarding part of the design was that everyone that walked by just wanted to experience it.

Our new colour Malachite featured heavily in the design and provided a strong backdrop to the remaining 19 colours. The other 3 new colours Greige, Fossil and Cadet “Jewels” captivated all passers by.