January 18, 2021

Australia has just experienced the largest amount of people working remotely in our history. Never before have we had such a major shut down of offices, workplaces and whole buildings – but this is looking to change in the near future.

Offices are starting to fill with workers, once again occupying their desk area. However, with the events that have transpired, we will be working in a very different world. Being cautious and keeping a respectable distance will remain mandatory behaviour as we continue to limit the risk of disease. So, as we start the journey back to our places of work and social engagement, some sort of screening to break up large open spaces will become increasingly important.

The Benefits of Zintra Screens in the Office

  • Helps you feel more comfortable and ease uncertainty when you return to the office
  • Personal screens can be easily attached to desks for privacy between workers
  • Variety of designs means you will find something to match the aesthetics of your office and your own workspace
  • Screens don’t cut you off from the rest of office, but allow you the privacy and protection needed in this new world
  • Large space dividers can break up spaces to create intimate areas for small meetings
  • Provides less distraction from others, which can increase productivity
  • Gives all workers a sense of reassurance that safety precautions are being taken seriously
  • Available in a large range of materials including those that are bleach cleanable and minimise office noise

Tailored Designs for You

There is no longer a need to sacrifice sense for style, as we can tailor our screen designs to suit you. We understand the need for privacy and protection through screens and space dividers, but we also want our products to match every aesthetic they feature in.

With this in mind, we offer such a vast range of screen choices, with the ability to mix and match colours and finishes with design and core type. All of our designs can have a frameless progressive design and flush finish through biscuit joins between each panel.

Explore Personal Screens and Space Dividers 

After a length of time away from the office and public spaces in some degree of isolation, how are we going to feel comfortable being around others again? The reality is its going to be awkward, but Personal Screening options will definitely help. Browse our selection today or reach out to our team to discuss your needs.