January 18, 2021

As the first point of contact for a visitor or new employee, businesses are paying more attention to reception areas and what this space says about the company. Traditionally a tired and drab gateway with little thought paid to it, reception areas are now receiving the TLC they deserve.

Investing in your own brand

The divide from reception to work space can be pretty loose these days. Our range of Zintra or Xorel Wrapped Wall Tiles or Zintra Patterns installed by our Floor to Ceiling Cable can help imbue your reception area with a sense of uniqueness and visual flair on top of the acoustic properties that ensure noise from reception doesn’t distract those in the office space (and vice versa). These solutions will give you a peace of mind that you’re properly separating these different spaces whilst maintaining an open feel.

These touches arent complex or expensive either.

Looking for a more specific look?

Zintra Seraphic Digital Print are also excellent for a custom look to your reception area through memorable imagery and / or easily reinforce company branding. Bring us your image / logo to print or just bring us an idea and we will help you come up with something that looks incredible. Digital wallcoverings are available on a quick turnaround and are an affordable customised solution.

Tailoring your reception space to your brand

With so many options available to make your reception area really stand out, creating an interesting, effective and unique space is simple with our ever-growing range of products. Zintra Wall Tiles are available in 20 plain colours and can even be digitally printed. For Zintra Patterns, 20 colours x 40+ patterns = over 800 options! And these can all be made to your exact size requirements. With Seraphic Digital Print – well the internet is your oyster!

This works for both employees and visitors – in the case of employees, finding the right style to suit your brand can give everyone in a workplace a better sense of place and can tie them more closely to your brand, while for visitors it can make your workplace far more memorable – making the move away with a bland, sterile space will be one of the best things you ever do.

Looking for help to create a stunning reception space?

Creating a reception area with a visual flair isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help – get in touch with our design experts today and learn how your reception area can stand out.