Leverage Custom Wall Prints in Your Design Process

January 2, 2021

A seductive maritime wall print in a seafood restaurant that makes you feel as if you’re dining below the surface. A dwarfing, emerald green forest to suit an eco-conscious business. A sweeping marble wall in an upscale restaurant that appears to have been cut from a single block. An abstract colourful design to enliven a plain-palleted room. Today, when it comes to wall prints, it’s only our imagination that sets the limit.

Wall prints can transform a room in ways no other design feature can. They can make large rooms more intimate, and make smaller rooms feel sprawling. They can surprise with their unexpected high-resolution imagery, or simply provide a highly customisable wall covering solution. Beyond being stunning design pieces, they can also nearly effortlessly communicate ideas, feelings, and ethical stances – so make sure you show off your creative side and thrill your clients by incorporating custom wall prints in your interior designs.

Digital prints

Go big or go home. Leveraging photography through custom wall prints is bold but can pay off beautifully. Whether it’s an aerial shot of a surfer riding a wave, or the stunning symmetry of cut timber logs stacked atop each other – images can elevate a space in an unexpected way. However, the last thing you want is to receive a poorly formatted or pixelated print. Just make sure that you order your prints from a reputable provider who will make sure that the finished result is exactly how you imagined.

Vivid paints

Make any room feel like an art gallery. Today, you can incorporate stunning abstract and watercolour motifs through custom wall prints. If you want to make this stunning design feature part of your design and you’ve already settled on a colour palette, rest assured that you can order stunning wall prints to your custom specifications.

Graphic designs

Topography, vintage maps, striking patterns, or bold colours – incorporating blocks of custom graphic designs in a space is an effective and low-cost way to add vibrancy, style, and quirk. Graphic wall prints can be the winning feature in a corporate office, or even a dentist practice – it truly is up to your imagination.

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