August 24, 2021

We are excited to present the latest additions to Zintra Acoustic Solutions encompassing four new nature inspired Zintra Sheet colours alongside Wall and Ceiling ideas. Drawing inspiration from nature the 4 new Zintra colours, Brick, Olive, Pebble and Midnight reflect the positivity and adventure of a new world. Each one has been developed with versatility in mind, so they can work alone or with any of the 28 colours and timbers in the full Zintra range.

Our Zintra R&D team have thoughtfully designed new and innovative Zintra acoustic solutions for your projects. Zintra’s versatility is that it can be applied directly to walls and ceilings, fabricated into assortment of tile, panels, baffles and cloud designs that help solve the unique intricacies of any indoor space. Explore Zintra Acoustic Solutions, Volume 2 Brochure here.

Feel free to reach out to receive a copy of the Zintra Acoustic Solutions, Volume 2 Brochure or a complete Zintra sample box. We hope you enjoy the new ideas and look forward to helping with your next project.