January 18, 2021

Given the size of the area involved, ceilings should never be the forgotten element of design. When you are designing a room, it is important to look up to see the possibilities that can be created, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a practical one.

We believe that ceilings can be used as design features and acoustic features and when done right, have a great range of benefits. Let’s explore how.

Benefits of Acoustic Ceilings  

  • Enjoy acoustic minimisation and better quality of sound. The Zintra® 12mm panel has an NRC 0.45 when stuck to the wall and up to 0.90 when used as a ceiling tile or baffle. It is the perfect solution when high quality acoustic performance is required.
  • You can incorporate colours and patterns into the space, and at Baresque with offer 20 colours which can then be combined with each other or digital printed for limitless combinations. Whatever theme you are aiming for, we have the technology to make it happen. 
  • Gives purpose to the ceiling rather than left to look like a forgotten piece. Whether you are dressing a small space, a large public gathering area or an office, adding acoustic ceilings can tie the whole room together. When designing a room its important to think of it as a canvas that you can turn into something exciting and inviting. The more appealing an area is, the longer people will want to be in it. 
  • Acoustic ceilings are cost effective solutions to new spaces or retrofitting existing areas that need design or acoustic improvements. You can easily and quickly transform the aesthetic of a room by adding in acoustic ceilings without the need for costly renovations or refurbishments.

We have the Solution

Acoustic Solutions will benefit commercial fitouts, education spaces, shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment spaces. Absorbing internal sound influences, our Acoustic Solutions reduce the noise level in any room, creating a calmer, more inviting space.

Our range of Zintra® Acoustic Solutions extend beyond ceilings, to wall tiles and more, so you can have the best acoustics possible in your space. All stylish and innovative, our designs can tie together a room perfectly from top to bottom.

Combine style and comfort with our choice of ceilings panels and make a design statement without fighting to be heard. Explore our range today, and should you want more information on our Acoustic Solutions or the best design options for your ceiling, please contact our team.